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Homeoblock Appliance


The Homeoblock is a removable appliance that promotes homeostasis in the oral environment and symmetry to the teeth and face.  It is typically worn at night and works somewhat like orthodontics but also enhances the airway.  Using gentle cyclic forces produced by your own body, the Homeoblock guides your teeth into natural function and optimally tones your airway. 

Here are some of the many benefits of the Homeoblock therapy:

-       Straightens teeth
-       Provides more room for the tongue
-       Strengthens the airway
-       Stimulates bone giving the face a more symmetrical appearance regardless of age

Our bodies were made to chew our food rigorously by using our facial muscles and functionally placed teeth.  Since the introduction of soft processed foods, humans have not been using their oral structures to their fullest potential.   Unfortunately, we now see many people with crooked teeth, malformed airways and asymmetrical underdeveloped facial structures.  When the upper jaw is not properly formed, we are at risk for:

-       Sleep apnea/UARS Upper airway resistance syndrome
-       TMJ pain/grinding/clenching/headaches/ears ringing
-       Poor head/neck/shoulder posture
-       Improper swallowing/no room for tongue
-       Mouth breathing/crowded teeth
-       Sinus congestion/prone to allergies
-       Many inflammatory conditions including autoimmune diseases

The good news is that the Homeoblock device can help correct these conditions by using your own swallow reflex and muscles of the face to stimulate the natural growth of the jaw and facial bones to their genetic potential.  The results of this treatment can include:

-       Creation of space for teeth to straighten
-       Wider smile
-       Facial symmetry
-       Improved head posture
-       Toned airway
-       Proper tongue positioning
-       Proper swallowing reflex
-       Proper nasal breathing 
-       Improvement of inflammation in sinuses

Dentofacial development is genetically coded for each individual and the Homeoblock appliance taps into that unique code.  Results can be subtle or dramatic depending on your genetic potential.  Simply enhancing airway tone may improve many inflammatory conditions.

The Homeoblock appliance therapy can be anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on your individual goal.  Other therapies may be included to achieve optimal results.

Cortez Dental is committed to help you improve the quality of your life through our many therapies.  We are honored to be partners in your quest.