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What is Provigil?

As humans, some of us have issues with sleep. We might either sleep excessively or experience difficulty sleeping. At times, when we sleep, we have different obstructions. When any of these happens, Provigil is the right medicine to take.


Provigil improves different types of sleep conditions. They include the sleep disorder that comes with shift work, narcolepsy, or sleep apnea. Provigil is not to be taken as a sleeping pill. It is strictly for grown people. Kids can only take it when other drugs fail.

Provigil Pill

Provigil is only available in tablets but is shaped like a capsule. The first is 100 milligrams, and the other is 200 milligrams. Each tablet has ‘100 MG’ and ‘200 MG’ written on one side, while ‘PROVIGIL’ is on the other. Provigil tablets cannot dissolve in water.


This drug is made from magnesium stearate, croscarmellose sodium, microcrystalline cellulose, pregelatinized starch, lactose monohydrate & povidone. 

Key Considerations to take 

It is unsafe to use Provigil when battling another health issue. Kindly speak to a doctor if suffering from kidney disease, psychosis, cirrhosis, severe chest pain, drug addiction, or hypertension. 

If you have taken in, are hoping to get pregnant soon, or are breastfeeding, notify your health attendant. The health attendant will show you all the necessary precautions to take for the baby’s safety (during pregnancy or after birth). Also, leave it over to the doctor to select for you the best family planning method that matches Provigil. You should do this because Provigil can make family planning pills ineffective.

Using Provigil the medical way

  1. Follow the instruction your health expert gives. Self-medication is harmful to health, so avoid it. If you are unclear about the health expert’s instructions, make your queries known. 
  2. You can take Provigil whether you have eaten or not. Just do as directed by a professional.
  3. Take Provigil orally. 
  4. You should take Provigil once daily. If you forget to take your daily dose, take it whenever you remember. However, if it is close to bedtime, skip it. Do not make up for the dose you miss by taking extra. Instead, visit your doctor when you miss or skip a dose. 
  5. Avoid overdosing, taking less doses, or skipping a dose at will. 
  6. This drug should be taken for exactly three months (12 weeks) or less. Avoid going beyond this time to prevent addiction. Your doctor will let you know if you must take additional doses after finishing your prescription.
  7. Avoid alcoholic drinks when using Provigil.
  8. Stay away from marijuana when using this medicine.
  9. Inform your medical practitioner or pharmacist promptly if your condition does not get better after using some doses.
  10. Continue using your Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine. Do not stop it if your physician does not say so. The machine will further aid in the treatment of your sleep problems. It will help release a stable force of air that will help enable you to breathe well when asleep. It will prevent your nose from being stuffy nose and your mouth from drying.
  11. In the case of an allergic reaction, visit your physician instead of stopping the drug. Some allergic reactions to Provigil include the inability to breathe or swallow well, swelling of some parts of your body, rashes on the skin, or abnormal swelling of lymph nodes.


For narcolepsy treatment, use 200 milligrams every morning. Also, take 200 milligrams every morning to treat sleep apnea. For shift work sleep disorder, use 200 milligrams an hour prior to when your shift starts. 

In the case of a serious liver problem, use half of the dosage for those without liver issues. Also, older patients must use 100 milligrams and be closely monitored by their health personnel. 


Inform your medical personnel when thinking of withdrawing from taking Provigil. The medical personnel will gradually reduce the current dosage you use to avoid showing withdrawal symptoms like vomiting or sweating.

What Provigil does not work for

Provigil only helps people to stay awake. It acts as a stimulant when used. It does not cure these sleep problems. Also, it should not be mistaken for tranquilizers or used by people without sleep disorders. Provigil cannot treat tiredness or depression. If experiencing tiredness due to issues not related to sleep or depression, speak with a medical practitioner. Self-medicating Provigil for tiredness, depression, or other issues is harmful.


Visit the nearest hospital or call 911 to attend to an overdose case. Also, call 911 if someone gets unconscious or shows severe symptoms after using Provigil.


If Provigil has caused you a bad reaction or allergies before, stay away from it. Likewise, stay extra vigilant when on the wheel or engaged with any risky stuff, as Provigil can lessen your mind’s ability to function optimally. Sharing this medicine or personal instruction for use is wrong. Doing this can make drug addicts even more addicted.


This drug does not mix properly with others as it often reduces their potencies. Therefore, if you have another drug prescription, let your physician or pharmacist know. This will help them to advise you medically if you must keep using it or not. 

Provigil has various adverse effects, and caffeine has the ability to trigger them. To avoid these side effects, stay away from beverages that contain caffeine. 


Once Provigil gets into your system, you might begin to experience certain issues. They include insomnia, dry mouth, breath shortness, diarrhea, stuffy nose, dizziness, jaundice, & headache. In some serious cases, you could get rashes on your skin, hallucinations, skin rash, and anxiety. When this happens, schedule an appointment with your physician without delay. 


Keep Provigil in a place inaccessible to children and light. Ensure that water does it get into the container.


Avoid putting Provigil in the bin or flushing it when it expires or is affected by an issue. You should take it to a drug take back site instead.